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Are there Stingrays in Costa Rica

Many beaches in Costa Rica have sting rays that like to settle in the warm sand in shallow water. Shuffle your feet when walking out into the ocean to scare any sting rays away and avoid stepping on them. If you do get “stung,” don’t panic and seek medical attention.

They are relatives of the shark but sting using their barbed stinger on their tail. The most common injury comes from stepping on them in shallow warm ocean water and sand.

Stingrays are found lying in the sand of coastal waters. If you step on one, it will whip around and sting you with its muscular tail, driving as many as 4 sharp, barbed stingers into your sorry self. The resulting pain will intensify over 2 hours before beginning to subside. If stung, please seek medical help to prevent infection or further damage.


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